SHiFT Setup


The FlexiTime Shift photo timeclock app has been discontinued. If you'd like to continue to use a photo timeclock to record when your employees have started and finished work, we recommend upgrading to PayHero. Please contact support if you need any further information.


This article explains how to set up FlexiTime before using the photo timeclock. For information on using the SHiFT app visit this article.


Check that the following settings have been applied in FlexiTime according to your company's needs before using the SHiFT app to ensure everything works correctly:


FlexiTime Subscription

Check that your FlexiTime account is using the Shift plan.   Log on to FlexiTime with the Admin username, then select Tools > My Account.    Select the Shift plan, click Next then Submit. 


User Access

You can login to SHiFT using the Admin login, or any FlexiTime user with Administrator or Time Planner user access. Employees are loaded into SHiFT when you log in. If you log in as a user with the Administrator role, including the Admin user, then all employees will be loaded. If you log in as a user with the Time Planner role then the following employees will show:

  • Staff managed by the logged in user
  • Staff in the same department as the logged in user
  • Staff rostered on Work that the logged in user is the manager of
  • Staff with the department ALL

This means that multiple locations or departments can be handled by logging into different devices as the manager of the department or location.

Consider adding the Time Viewer role to the manager as well if you don't want the user with that access to be able to log into FlexiTime and adjust time entries. Time Viewer is a restrictive role that prevents editing time.

If you have staff who float between departments you can set their department to be ALL. This means they will be able to clock in and out of any iPad. Another way of handling floating staff is for the employee's manager to roster them onto Work that is managed by a different manager. They will then show in the employee list of the iPad that the different manager has logged into.


Default Work

Every time entry in FlexiTime must be recorded against some work. The SHiFT app will determine what work it should apply timeclock entries to based on the following rules:

  • If the employee has a timesheet entry that overlaps the clock-in / clock-out period, the work and work category from the time entry will be used and the time entry will be replaced. Typically this will be a rostered time entry, however if you're set up to not allow overlapping time entries, worked time entries will also get overwritten.
  • If there is no overlapping time entry then the default work for the employee will be used (Setup > Employees > Edit > Employment > Default Work).
  • If the employee doesn't have default work then the default work of the user who logged onto the SHiFT app will be used. This allows you to set the default work for an iPad based on the location of the iPad.
  • If no work is found using the rules above then the default work for the company will be used (Setup > Company Settings > Timesheets > Default Work).


Strict Roster Start

To prevent employees being paid for time prior to their rostered start time, you can turn on Strict Roster Start. This can be set on each work in FlexiTime (Setup > Work > Edit > Strict Roster Start).

With Strict Roster Start turned on, if the employee clocks in prior to the rostered start time, the start time will automatically be set to their rostered start time as opposed to the clock in time.


Break Duration

There are different ways of handling meal breaks depending on the circumstances. If an employee has a fixed unpaid meal break, this can be entered against the rostered time segment.

If not using a roster, a default break can be entered against the Work (Setup > Work > Edit > Default Break). Note that this break will apply to all time entries for that Work, no matter how long or short. 

If employees have variable length, unpaid meal breaks that are not recorded in a roster then the employees can use the 'Take a Break' function in SHiFT to go on their unpaid breaks. Any breaks taken using the SHiFT app will override the default break or rostered break time.

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