Xero Tracking Categories


FlexiTime will no longer integrate with Xero from 28 February 2021. If you'd like to continue sending payroll invoices to Xero, we recommend upgrading to PayHero. Please contact support if you need any further information.


If you use Xero tracking categories and your FlexiTime account is linked to Xero, FlexiTime can assign Payroll costs to tracking categories when payroll invoices are sent through to Xero.

To set up tracking categories in FlexiTime, go to Setup > Company Settings > Connect. If you had active tracking categories in Xero when your account was linked to FlexiTime, your tracking categories will already be listed.  If not, click Refresh to retrieve your tracking categories from Xero.



From the dropdown fields, you can choose the FlexiTime location that Xero will source tracking category information from.  How you set those sources will depend on how the information should be tracked:


Payroll Sources


This approach would typically be used if your tracking category is relatively fixed, where each employee's costs will go to only one tracking category option. Common examples are tracking by department or region.

If payroll tracking code sources are set to Employees, go to Setup > Employees and edit each employee. Under the Employment tab, you will be able to select the tracking category destination. 



Pay Codes

This approach would typically be used where your employees do work across multiple areas that you have set up as tracking categories. Common examples are locations or departments, where employees move around between those areas.

If payroll tracking code sources are set to Pay Codes, go to Setup > Pay Codes and edit each Pay Code. Depending on the tracking categories you're using, and how you run your payroll system, you may need to create custom Pay Codes. For more information, see the support article on maintaining Pay Codes. 




This method is used to allow tracking to more dynamic tracking categories that may change frequently for example events for an event management company, or productions for a theatre.

If payroll tracking code sources are set to Jobs, go to the Jobs tab and edit each job. Enter the relevant tracking code destination in the Job Summary field. For more information on using jobs with tracking categories, see this article.



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