Client Timesheet Approvals


This article is only relevant if you have clients approving timesheets.

Employees can request approval of their time using the Request Approval button on the Time Summary screen or the mobile app.

FlexiTime will look at all time entries for the chosen period and send approval requests out to each different client contact associated with the jobs on those entries. Typically there will be a single email sent when the employee is working on a single job, but sometimes they may have multiple jobs, or work that requires admin approval.

The Approval Request email contains a summary of the time and other entries for which the employee is requesting approval.

The type of email received by the client contact depends on how they have been set up. If Approve From Email is ticked for the client contact then the email will have an approve button, allowing the time to be approved directly from the email.

If the client contact does not have Approve From Email ticked, but does have a login to access FlexiTime then the email will contain a button from which they can access FlexiTime by entering a password. There are three scenarios where you might choose this option rather than using email approvals:

1) When logging in to approve time the client can enter an approval reference. You may use this approach when you have purchase orders that change week by week. You can then include this client approval reference in your invoice header (set up in the invoice template) or invoice lines (included in the charge type narration).

2) The approver is approving time for a large number of employees. The time for all employees can be approved with a single click.

3) When the individual whose time is being approved has access to the approvers email meaning that the extra level of password security is required, for example they are their personal assistant. 

If the client contact has neither a login nor is able to approve via emails then the admin contact email address of your company will receive the approval email. Similarly any jobs without client contacts or entries without jobs at all will cause an email to be sent to the administrator.

If an employee changes a time entry after they have sent the approval request, when the client contact tries to approve the time from the original email they will get an error that the time has changed. The employee can resubmit the time for approval which will cause another email to be sent. The subject line of this second email indicated that it supersedes an earlier request. 

If an employee tries to resend an approval request but nothing has changed, no emails will be sent.

If the client contact is changed on a job or an email address is change for the client contact, the employee will be able to resend the approval requests for that job without any changes having been made.

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