Managing your FlexiTime subscription


Plans and Pricing

FlexiTime pricing is available on our website.


Manage Subscription

You can manage your FlexiTime subscription by logging onto FlexiTime with the Admin username and selecting Tools > My Account



You will then be able to select the plan you would like from the dropdown list.



Free Trial Account

The 30 day trial provides all the functionality of the selected FlexiTime plan.  If you'd like to try some of the other functions in FlexiTime, select Tools > My Account, and select the appropriate plan (as above). 

Then go to the Payment Details tab and tick Continue Free Trial before clicking Next.


At any point during your free trial, you can switch to a paid plan by selecting Tools > My Account, choosing your plan on the Choose Plan tab and entering your credit card information on the Payment Details tab.

When your 30 day free trial period has ended, you will be required to click Sign Up Now, then select your plan and enter your credit card details when you log in.


Payment Methods

FlexiTime subscriptions are paid monthly by credit card. If you'd prefer to pay by direct debit, please see this article


FlexiTime Invoice

Your FlexiTime subscription invoice is emailed to the Contact Email address under Setup > Company Settings.


Change Credit Card

To change the credit card used to pay for your FlexiTime subscription, select Tools > My Account > Payment Details and click New Card.


Cancel Account

If you no longer require FlexiTime, select Tools > My Account > Account Settings and tick Cancel Account.  



Cancelling your account will add finish dates to all active employees and prevent further subscription charges from being made. 

If the account is managed by a FlexiTime Partner, then the company must be opened via the partner's adviser list in order to cancel the account.
Please refer to the Retention of Personal Information section of our Privacy Policy for details about the retention of information when a FlexiTime subscription is cancelled. 
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