New Release - new users, forgotten passwords and other changes


The latest FlexiTime release contained a number of changes around setting up new users and FlexiTime companies.


Login Reminders and Forgotten Passwords


There are two new question mark buttons on the login screen. Use them to request an email with a reminder of your login details (login and company) or to request a password reset email. 


New Users and Password Resets

There are now a couple of different ways of setting up a new users (employees and client contacts).

When you enter a new username for an employee you can choose to email them their login details. The email contains a button they can click to log in to FlexiTime. The first time they click on the button, FlexiTime will prompt them to select their password. After the first login the user can still use the same button to log in - it will default the login and company, so the user only needs to enter their password.

With the user being prompted for a password when they first log in, there's no need to for the administrator to set a password when adding a new user. In some circumstances an administrator may want to add or reset a password. Perhaps the user doesn't have an email address, or is an internal user. In these cases you can still set a new password.

If you want to send the employee a second new user email then just set them to be inactive by unticking the Active box and saving. Then re-activate the user and the Email Login Details option will be available.


New Companies

We've also changed the web site over the weekend and have made some changes to the registration process. You no longer select a password when registering a new company. Instead you need to open the company from the link in the registration email and you'll be prompted for a password at that point.


Printing Payslips

If you've got a large number of staff for whom you print pay slips, you can now exclude those employees who have an email address and are set to receive emailed pay slips. This is now the default when using the Employee Pay Slips report - if you do want to print emailed pay slips as well make sure you tick Include Emailed Payslips.

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