Creating a new report


The following example shows how to create a new report to show all instances of a pay code for an employee.  

Click Tools > Report Centre to open the Report Centre.   

If you're asked to load a dashboard,  click Cancel.

Maximise one of the windows by clicking the icon in the top right corner.


Click Settings in the top left corner of the maximised report to open the Settings panel on the left side of the screen. 

Select Grid as the Pod Type, and optionally enter a name under Pod Title.

On the Grid tab, select the Pay Detail table. This table lets you report on all the lines in pays.

Press the Add Column button. Using this you can add columns like Employee Name, Pay Code Description and Pay Date.

After adding those columns you need some columns with the dollar values from the pay lines. Press Add Column again and change the Type from Category to Measure. The columns available as Measures are the numerical values that can be added up. The column you're wanting here is Total to find the total value on each line. Set Decimal Places to 2.

The Date & Time tab lets you define what time period is used.  Leave this blank to view all pay records,   or enter a date range to restrict the report to a specific period.

On the Filters tab, choose the Employee by opening the Employee Name folder, selecting the employee and pressing the Add Filters button. If required, you can add a filter for the Pay Code Description to only show the selected pay codes.

You can remove a filter by selecting it in the bottom panel and clicking Remove Filter.

Press Refresh at the top of the screen to see the totals for the selected pay code(s) and employee(s).

Close the Settings panel by pressing the "x" in the top right corner of the panel.    

Select Pin to save this report on your Dashboard.  Select Export to create a .csv file containing the results of your report. 


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