Email Payslips


FlexiTime can automatically email payslips to your employees when a pay is finalised. 

Select the employee under Setup > Employees and click Edit. On the Personal > Details tab for the employee, enter the employee's Email address and tick Receive Email.


Now when you finalise a pay for this employee, the payslip will be automatically emailed to the employee's email address.

Multiple email addresses can be specified for an employee, simply enter each email address separated by a semi-colon ( ; ) on the employee's Email address field.

The Company Settings email address will be used for the 'Reply To' address on the payslip email. If multiple addresses have been entered on the Company Settings, only the first address will be used.   

You can customise the appearance of the payslip email under Setup > Company > Pays.

Payslips can't be resent for an entire payrun, but you can manually resend payslips for each individual employee. To do this, go to Setup > Employees, click Edit for the employee required and select the Pay Records tab. Click View for the pay required, and then click Print. This will create a pdf file containing the printed payslip, which you can email to your employee.

For more information about printing payslips, please see this article.

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