Adding Employees using the Employee Wizard


To add a new employee to FlexiTime, select Setup > Employees and click New Employee. FlexiTime uses a wizard to help you enter the information needed to create a basic employee ready for payment.

Once the employee is created, you can edit the employee to enter additional details or adjust the information you entered using the wizard.

Any mandatory fields will have a red asterisk and the wizard will not progress to the next stage until the information has been entered. 


Basic Info

Enter your employee's basic details:

  • First Name 
  • Last Name
  • Tax Code - They should use the IR330 to declare this to you.
  • IRD Number - This can be entered later, but will be required to use FlexiTime for your IRD filing.
  • Start Date - The date they began their employment with you.


Leave Balances

This screen will only appear if the Start Date for your employee was greater than 4 weeks prior to today's date. If your employee has any opening Leave balances that need to be entered into FlexiTime, they should be entered here. 

  • Annual Leave - The employee's current balance of Leave Available in hours. This article explains in more detail.
  • Sick Leave - The balance of sick leave the employee currently has available in days.
  • Alternate Leave - The balance of Alternative Leave (also known as lieu days) the employee has available, in days.


KiwiSaver Details

Select the appropriate KiwiSaver setting for your employee.


Payment Details

Select the appropriate details for how your employee is paid based on the details in their employment agreement. 

  • Pay Frequency - How often you pay the employee.
  • Payment Basis - Whether the employee is paid a fixed annual salary, or an hourly figure based on the hours they work.
  • Annual Salary - The annual figure your salaried employee will be earning. This will be paid out in equal amounts each pay, irrespective of the employee's work hours.
  • Hourly Rate - The employee's hourly pay rate if they are paid on an hourly basis.


Employee Work Pattern

If your employee will work a fixed number of hours and/or days each week you can specify those here. These figures will be used for some calculations throughout FlexiTime, though, so you should consider each carefully:

  • Regular Hours - If you enter a set number of hours per week FlexiTime will accrue their leave based on this figure. If you would prefer the employee accrue leave based on the hours they're paid for instead, select 'No'. 
  • Regular Days - If the employee works regular days per week every week you can enter the number here. Note that if you enter 5 days FlexiTime will assume the employee works Monday-Friday; if that's not correct you should edit the employee after creating them and on the Employment tab tick 'Show Days' and set the actual days the employee works.


Employee Bank Details

Enter the bank account and details to show on the employees statement when you use FlexiTime's banking batch files to pay your employees. 

Then click Finish to create your new employee.


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