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The most recent Chrome release 32.0.1700 (6th January 2014) causes problems in FlexiTime relating to showing popup windows or refreshing the screen when a popup window is closed.

You will find that it appears as if FlexiTime has hung, but by clicking on another browser tab and back again, or by minimising and restoring the browser, FlexiTime is displaying as it should.

We have lodged a fault with Google and it will be fixed in a future version. Other browsers such as Firefox or IE are not affected by this fault.

To fix this problem in Chrome we recommend disabling the Chrome default Flash player (Pepper Flash). You can change your Chrome plugins by navigating to chrome://plugins in the address bar.

Below are some links to more detailed instructions and a video showing how to do this:

Step by step instructions to disable Pepper Flash

Video showing how to disable Pepper Flash 

Alternatively, you can resolve this issue by disabling Hardware Acceleration. In Chrome go to Settings, click the Show Advanced Settings link, then at the bottom of the list untick 'Use hardware acceleration when available'.

UPDATE: The Chromium developers are getting close to a fix. If you're interested in the process behind the scenes, here's the fault we reported with a recent flurry of activity from the Chromium engineers.

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    Robert Owen

    Google appear to have fixed this no in release 34.