FlexiTime Release - Power-ups for Billing


On November 15/16 a new version of FlexiTime will be released. This version contains some substantial changes to time billing, giving you more control over the structure and format of invoices, including:

  • Invoice Templates that control the number of invoices generated per client and the descriptive text on the invoices
  • Charge Types that determine the number of invoice lines and the narrations on those lines. They can also be used to add fixed charges to invoices in a variety of ways.
  • More flexibility over who will receive emailed invoices - all invoices will now be sent to the client  billing email address, and to any addresses in the new Billing Email on client contacts.
  • Simplified client contact set-up - there is no longer any requirements to set security roles on client contacts.

The following articles provide more details on how to use these new features:

Billing Overview

Billing Setup

Advanced Billing Setup

On-charged Expenses

Charging Time-and-a-half For Public Holidays

Percentage Discounts or Surcharges

Additional per Unit Charges

All of Government Invoicing

This webinar provided an overview of these changes.


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