Google Chrome Issues with Daylight Savings


This issue has been resolved in version 23 of Chrome released November 8. If using Chrome please choose About Google Chrome under the settings menu (button top right alongside the address line) to force an update to this version.

The version of Flash automatically installed with Google Chrome is giving some unpredictable behaviour when using time sheets in FlexiTime. It causes display issues when changing between weeks across the daylight savings weekend and when editing time from before daylight savings. 

Other browsers are not experiencing the same problems so changing to IE, Firefox, Opera etc will resolve the issue. Alternatively you can disable the automatically installed version of Flash used by Chrome. To do this, type chrome:plugins in the address bar. On the top right of the list of plugins that show there is a Details button. If this shows a + next to it, press the button to show the details of the plugins. Under Flash there should be one or more versions of Flash showing. We recommend disabling the plugin with a type of PPAPI and a version of If this is the only Flash plugin showing, the next time you run FlexiTime you will be prompted to download the standard version of Flash.

We are investigating further and hope that Adobe and Google resolve this issue soon.

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