IRD issues can prevent file uploads


IRD are currently experiencing intermittent issues with IRFile that can cause file uploads to be rejected with and H082 error suggesting there is a problem with the format of the file. It seems as if you wait for a while before re-attempting the load, the error goes away. 

The following is from the IRD - hopefully the issue will be resolved very soon.

"Some employers/clients may still be experiencing some issues when trying to submit their employer monthly information and payment to Inland Revenue via ir-File.

If this is the case, we would encourage them take the following actions to remedy the above:

1.            Delete the information in which they are currently having issues with from their ir-File workspace (including deleting it from their Trash Bin); and

2.            Complete and resubmit the information again.  

If using the onscreen option to file their EMS for the period ending 31 May 2013, after completing steps 1 and 2 they can:

3.            Pick up their completed EMS for 30 April 2013;

4.            Edit and change the period end to 31 May 2013;

5.            Put in their figures for 31 May 2013;

6.            Then save and send their EMS schedule.

As a result, Inland Revenue would like to apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused and reassure you and your clients that they will not be penalised for the late filing of any employer information for the 31 May 2013 period end.

If they have any questions or concerns, please feel free to direct them to our Contact Centre on 0800 377 772."

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