Deleting Timesheets Release


This week's release includes new functionality that lets you delete time entries for all employees or a selected employee between a date range. This can be useful if you've imported a time sheet or loaded a roster into an incorrect week. The new Delete Entries button is on the Options panel on the Time Entry tab and is restricted to administrators and users with the time planner role.

The Import Timesheet option has been moved from the Options panel and now has its own tab in the Timesheets section. We have added new import options for WorkFlowMax and iDtec time clock files. For WorkFlowMax integration you need to add your WorkFlowMax account key for FlexiTime to the Connect tab under Company settings. Importing time from WorkFlowMax will import time for the currently viewed week on the Time Entry tab.

We have also improved the way that filtering the time to a single employee is integrated between different views. Clicking on the employee name on the Time Entry view to filter the time to only that employee also filters the time shown on the Time Summary and Approval tabs and vice-versa.

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