Using the Time Bank


A Time Bank allows salaried employees to take paid time off in compensation for work done in excess of their regular hours.    To set up Time Bank for your company,  see this article.


Adding Time to an employee's Time Bank

An employee's hours per week is defined on the Employment tab and is calculated by Hours per Day * Hours per Week.  For example,   8 Hours per Day, 5 Days per week = 40 Hours per Week. 

If an employee's total hours worked on their timesheet is greater than their regular hours per week,  the employee will be paid for their normal hours per week and  the excess hours will be added to the employee's time bank.  




Taking Time Bank leave

When an employee wishes to use their banked hours to take some time off work,  they can use the Time Bank category of Employee Leave work when entering their timesheet.




The Time Bank taken will show on the employee's pay and will reduce their Salary Gross Earnings.  Note that the employee's bank hours has now been reduced to zero as a result of this pay. 





The Leave Summary report shows the total time banked for an employee: 



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