Extended Unpaid Leave


Employees may request to take a period of extended unpaid leave. Information on how unpaid leave affects an employee's entitlement to annual holidays can be found on the MBIE website.

To implement extended unpaid leave in FlexiTime you should take the following steps.

1. For the first week of unpaid leave, ensure that the Accrue Leave Based On field on the employee's Leave tab is set to 'Normal Hours' and their usual weekly hours is entered into that field. Then pay the employee using the Unpaid Leave pay code.

2. After the first week, modify the Accrue Leave Based On field to be set to 'Hours Worked'.

3. While the employee is on Extended Leave include the employee in regular pays but remove any gross earnings pay codes and include the Extended Unpaid Leave pay code with the quantity set to their normal weekly hours and the Rate set to zero.

4. If the employee was originally set to Accrue Leave Based on 'Normal Hours' before their leave, make sure you set them back to that when they return from their extended leave.

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