Payroll Reports


Payroll reports can be found under Payroll > Reports > Pay Reports. Simply select the report you wish to view, the Pay Date you wish to view it for, and click Print. The pay reports are created as .pdf files, which can then be viewed onscreen, printed or saved.




Pay Summary Report

The Pay Summary Report contains three sections summarising your employees' pays, the payments you need to make, and the account code breakdown of your payroll journal.



Pay Detail Report

The Pay Detail Report provides a line by line breakdown of your employees' pays.



Employee Payslips

The Employee Payslips report prints a one page payslip for every employee paid on the selected Pay Date.



Contractor Invoices

If applicable, the Contractor Invoices report prints a buyer created tax invoice for every self-employed contractor paid on the selected Pay Date.




Pay Leave Report

The Pay Leave report shows a summary of all leave processed in the pay run. If the pay includes a Public Holiday, it will also include a Public Holidays section, which details the logic behind each employee's Public Holiday processing. Please see this article for more information about public holiday processing.


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