Print Payslips


FlexiTime provides a number of different ways to print employee payslips:

  • All payslips for a single finalised pay run can be printed from Payroll > Pay History. Click View on the pay, select the Options dropdown, and click Print Payslips.



  • All payslips for a pay date can be printed from Payroll > Reports > Pay Reports. Select Employee Payslips and enter the pay date. You can untick Include All Employees if you only wish to print payslips for employees who aren't setup to receive email payslips.



  • Individual payslips for an employee can be printed from Setup > Employees > Pay Records. Simply View the pay and click Print



  • If they are setup with User Access, an employee can view and print their own payslips from Tools > My Account > Pay Records.

 If an employee is not receiving their payslips there may be a number of reasons:

  • The email address on the employee record may be incorrect.
  • The box labelled Receive Email on the employee record (Personal Details) has not been ticked.
  • The email is being sent but is being treated as spam by the recipients email client. In this instance you should be receiving notification emails to the Admin Email address on your Company Settings.
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