Online Banking Payments Batch


FlexiTime provides a bank file containing all the payment transaction information for paying your employees.

You can download this file automatically each time you finalise a pay by selecting Setup > Company > Pays and ticking Download Bank Batch.   If you'd like to include the payment to IRD, also tick Include IRD Payments. 


These files contain employees’ salary direct credit information and should be uploaded to your (i.e. the employer’s) bank account to pay your employees. The file format is determined based on the Bank Account number entered on the Company Setup screen.


Supported banks and the relevant links to their file import process can be found below.

If no Bank Account number is entered on the Company Setup screen the file will default to the ANZ file format.  If your company requires a different bank, please contact the FlexiTime team. Also contact us if you're using NBS as they have special requirements.

Please note that most banks require you to register to use their online business banking service in order to be able to import files.  Please contact your business banking adviser for assistance.


Bank Files for all finalised pays can also be found under Payroll > Reports > Bank Files.



There are three versions of the Banking Batch report:

  • Banking Payments Batch.  This creates a bank file of all payments from a pay date, including employee and tax payments.  
  • Banking Tax Batch.  This creates a file for paying Inland Revenue payments, which are usually due on the 20th of the month following the tax period.  If you're filing twice monthly, then you can't use this file to pay IRD,  as it includes the full month's payment. This file will generally contain a single line, so it can be quicker just to do an IRD payment from your online banking for the amount shown when you view this on the screen.
  • Banking Employee Batch. This creates a file of employee net pays and any other non-IRD payments for a specified pay date.

You can choose to download the Payments Batch file or to view details onscreen. If you download the file, you can then open that file using a text or spreadsheet program to view the contents.

The bank file downloaded from here will include all pays for the selected pay date. 




The details for the Payments Batch file are derived from information entered on the Employee Details screen (Setup > Employees > edit > Employment Details) and from the Pay Code screen (Setup > Pay Codes > edit). Both screens include bank account details as follows:


Bank Account No – Enter in the format BB-BBBB-AAAAAAA-SSS


The following three fields are used for bank statement details:

Bank Particulars – Other Party Particulars (12 Characters Max)

Bank Code – Other Party / Subscriber Analysis Code (12 Characters Max)

Bank Reference – Other Party / Subscriber Reference (12 Characters Max)


* To load Nelson Building Society and Heartland Bank files you need to do the following:

1) Rename the file extension from .dbk to .csv. 

2) The Code, Reference and Particulars are mandatory for these banks. The easiest way to ensure these are included in the bank file is to set them on the Direct Credit pay code in FlexiTime.

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