Finalise Pay


Each Pay must be finalised to update the employee pay records and to include the pay details on the IRD and bank file extracts.

Un-finalised Pay information can be added, changed and deleted without affecting the employees’ information in FlexiTime. Once a Pay has been finalised, it cannot be altered. The last pay for an employee can be reversed.

Note – You should not finalise the pay until all employee pay totals and leave amounts are correct. Finalising the pay updates the employees’ pay history and leave totals and restricts you from making any modifications to the pay.

It can be a good idea to view the Pay Summary and Pay Leave reports before finalising the pay to double check everything appears to be correct.

On the Pay History tab, select the Pay you wish to finalise and click edit. Finalised Pays will not have the Edit option, you can only View these.

Check the details and then click Finalise Pay. A warning box will be displayed.



Click Yes to finalise the Pay.

All accruals and leave balances for employees included in the pay will now be updated, and employees will be emailed payslips (if they have a contact email address and 'Receive Emails' is ticked).

If your company uses Xero, FlexiTime will automatically create draft accounts payable invoices in Xero for the wages and PAYE payments. You can connect to Xero under Setup > Company Settings > Connect.


Resend Xero invoices

To resend payroll invoices to Xero, View the finalised pay, open the Options dropdown and select Resend to Xero. This will send all invoices associated with this pay to Xero, including the Inland Revenue invoice. 


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