WorkflowMax Integration


FlexiTime will no longer integrate with WorkflowMax from 28 February 2021. If you'd like to continue integrating WFM with your payroll system, we recommend upgrading to PayHero. Please contact support if you need any further information.


Integration with WorkflowMax allows you to import time to FlexiTime which can then be used to generate payroll for your employees.

The first step to integrating with WorkflowMax is to obtain the FlexiTime key. In WorkflowMax go to Admin > Add-Ons and click the Generate Key button next to FlexiTime. Copy the key that is generated for you.

Go to FlexiTime, navigate to Setup > Company Settings > Connect and paste the key from WorkflowMax into the WorkflowMax Key field. Then click Save.



Now you're ready to import time from WorkflowMax. Time entered in WorkflowMax against Jobs and Tasks for an Employee is matched with data in FlexiTime using the following rules:



Staff Name

Employee Display Name

Job Name

Job Summary

Task Name

Work Category

The Task recorded in WorkflowMax is matched against the first Work Category found in FlexiTime with the same name, so it's important to use unique category names. This then determines the Work that the task is associated to. E.g. A task called Meetings in WorkflowMax is matched against a Work Category called Meetings in FlexiTime. Meetings was entered as a Category on Standard Work in FlexiTime, so the time from WorkflowMax is recorded against Standard Work - Meetings in FlexiTime. 

To import the time from WFM go to Tools > Import in FlexiTime and select WorkFlowMax Time as the upload type.


Click Import, select the date range you want to import, and click OK.


FlexiTime will then display all time found for that date range. You may encounter some errors at this stage if your WorkflowMax fields don't quite match up to FlexiTime:

Red Errors  - Lines may be highlighted red indicating that an error on the line will stop the data from being imported. Hover your mouse over the line to see what the error message is. Often errors can be fixed in FlexiTime without having to change the data in WorkflowMax.

For example, if the error is caused by an employee name not matching you can correct the error by clicking in the Employee field in the import window and selecting the correct employee from the dropdown field that appears. This will remove the error highlight on the line and also change any other lines with the same error. Of course, you might want to change the employee display name in FlexiTime to match the WorkflowMax Staff Name to stop this error from re-occurring next time.

Yellow Errors  - Some lines may be highlighted yellow. This means that the line will be imported into FlexiTime but some information on the line doesn't match any record in FlexiTime and so won't be loaded. You can either ignore these errors or fix them as you do with red lines.

Once all the error lines have been fixed click Submit to load the time into FlexiTime.


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