Recurring Time



Recurring time is one way you can save time when recording your time entries. To create a new recurrence of a time entry click on the Recurrence button on the Add or Edit Time window -



If the Recurrence button isn't showing it could be because the time entry has already been approved, paid or billed. In this case you should add a new time entry for a future date and add the recurrence to that time entry.

The Recurrence button will open the Recurrence window -



From here you can specify the frequency and if necessary the end date of the recurrence. Once completed click the Save button and you will be returned to the Edit Time window. Click Save and the new recurring time entries will be added beginning from the date of the time entry you were editing.

There's a few simple rules to note about adding and editing time recurrences -

  1. Recurring time entries won't be creating for periods of time that have been approved. If you need to create time entries in a period that has been approved, you will need to contact the approver or your administrator to have the approval revoked, then the time can be added and the period re-approved.
  2. Changes to the recurrence frequency will only affect recurring time entries from the date of the time entry being edited.
  3. Changes to the information on the time entry, for example the time worked or description of work will affect all recurrences including recurrences in the past, except those time entries that have been approved, paid or billed.
  4. When dragging a recurring time entry using your mouse only the single occurrence will be modified.


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