Job Notifications


One of the processes which recruitment companies find takes a large amount of time is reminding staff and clients to enter or approve time. FlexiTime provides the ability to manage this process via emails based on the Next Action field on the Job.

When the Next Action for a Job is set to Complete Time, FlexiTime sends a reminder to the employee requesting that they complete their Timesheet.

In addition, FlexiTime automatically updates the Next Action for a Job to the following values:

  • Client Approval - A user has used the Request Approval button on the Time Summary screen. See this article for a description of how the approval requests work.
  • Administration - Next Action was Client Approval and then the client approved the time for associated Job.
  • Blank - Next Action was Administration and an invoice was created for the Job.

These Next Action values allow a procedure to be established which can assist in reminding employees and clients to perform necessary tasks before work can be invoiced. A typical weekly process would be as follows:

  1. Employee records time during the week
  2. Once all time for the week is entered the employee presses the Request approval button on the Summary tab.
  3. Client receives an email and approves time for the Job
  4. Administrator checks all jobs have Administration as the Next Action and then:
    • Jobs with a blank Next Action (where time hasn't been recorded) should be updated to Complete Time, which sends the employee a reminder to complete their time entries for the week.
    • Contact any clients where the Next Action is Client Approval to get the time approved.
  5. Once all Jobs have Next Action set to Administration, invoices can be created for the week.

To enable these reminders in FlexiTime you must add the following values to the Job Next Action dropdown on the Dropdown Values tab under the Settings menu:

  • Client Approval
  • Complete Time
  • Administration

To ensure that clients receive an email the approval email address must be added to the Client Contact.

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