Approve Timesheets



If your company requires Timesheet approval, Timesheets must be approved before they will be included in payroll or invoice processing.

You can change the requirement for approval in Setup > Company Settings > Timesheets by checking or un-checking the Time Requires Approval checkbox. If this is checked then the user will be given a warning when creating a new pay or invoice if time in the selected period is not approved for employees.

Select Timesheets > Summary. Select the date you wish to view. Timesheets for the entire week will be displayed.




To approve all employees' time, click Approve All Employees.   To approve time for an individual employee, click Options,  then select the employee name from the Filter Employee drop list. Click Approve.



If your company has a mid-week payday (e.g. Wednesday) you can approve time up to that date by entering the date range.  The remainder of time for the week will remain unapproved and should be approved prior to the next pay date.  To approve the time, click the Approve button. 

The approver and date approved to will be displayed in the Approvals dropdown box.



To remove approval for a previously approved timesheet, select Revoke. If the timesheet has already been included in a pay or an invoice it cannot be revoked.   The Revoke button is only available when viewing a single employee's time; i.e. select Options then select the employee's name from the Filter Employee dropdown list. 

Many users can approve the same period of time for an employee. Only one approval is required to include the employee time in a pay for the period. An administrator can revoke any approval other users can only revoke their own approval.

If the timesheet has already been fully or partially approved, the Time Approver who has approved the time will be shown in the Approvals dropdown list.

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