FlexiTime allows you to use Timesheets to record the time you have worked on different jobs or tasks.  Your pay may be calculated based on the hours you have worked, particularly if you are paid hourly or if you do shift work. Your employer may also invoice clients for the hours you have worked on a particular job.

This short video gives a good overview of timesheets.


Some older FlexiTime packages may not have access to Timesheets. Our pricing page shows the different functionality available for different packages. You can change the package you are on at any time and will not be billed for the new package until your normal monthly billing date.

Employees can enter their time using the Mobile App on their phone,  or the Time Portal on a computer or tablet.  


Timesheet View


Select the Timesheets tab and then select Time Entry.



Timesheet View shows a summary of all time entered for a week for an employee.

Select the date you wish to view. Timesheets for the entire week (Monday – Sunday) will be displayed.

Select an employee from the Options panel on the left or click on an employee name to switch to a weekly view showing one line per employee. Each work item is displayed in the colour defined in the Setup Work screen.



Administrators can use the radio buttons to select Employee View, which shows timesheet information summarized by employee; or Work View to show timesheet information summarized by work item. Each employee is displayed in the colour defined in the Setup Employee screen.



Slide the Zoom to magnify the week view to show more detail. Use the scroll bar once zoomed to move to different days.




Click Record Time to add a new time entry.

Staff Rosters can be managed by entering timesheets for future dates. Click Print Schedule to print a copy of the roster.

Some editing functions can be performed on the Time Viewer window:

  • Click on a time entry and drag-and-drop to move to a different date or time
  • Click on a time entry, hold the CTRL key and drag-and-drop to create a duplicate time entry
  • Click on a time entry, move the mouse to the end of the time box until the cursor turns to a double-ended arrow,  click and drag to increase or reduce the start or end time.
  • Double click on a time entry to edit


Timesheet Entry


Click Record Time on the Time Entry tab.



Select the Work you have spent time on. All time must be allocated to a work item.

Work can include:

  • Chargeable work that will be invoiced to a Client
  • Work relating to a specific customer job
  • Administrative work which is not chargeable to Clients
  • Work to be charged to a cost centre
  • Employee Leave


You may also select a Category to further define Work.

Categories can be used to define:

  • Task level work, e.g. Design, Development, Test
  • Shift level work , e.g. Normal time, time and a half, double time
  • Non-chargeable time, e.g. Annual Leave, Sick Leave, Public Holidays

Generally, work and categories will be defined for your use by your company’s FlexiTime administrator.

Time off, for example Sick Leave, Annual Leave or Public Holidays, should be entered against the “Non-Chargeable Items” work  and you should select the appropriate category.


If your company uses Job Tracking and you need to record time spent on a job, select the Job from the dropdown list.


Select the timesheet Date. The date can be in the past if you are entering your time at the end of a week for example, but it cannot be for a period that has been approved by your manager. The date can be in the future e.g. if you are entering a time entry for a scheduled meeting.


Enter the time spent on the work item, either by specifying the Start Time, End Time and optionally Break Duration, to let FlexiTime calculate the Net Duration; or by simply entering the Net Duration. Your company may require you to always specify the Start and End Time.


You may enter a Description for a task. If recording time for a job, you can elect to include the timesheet description on the job history. Select Add Description to Job History.


If entering time for future work, you can select Include Alert to receive an email prior to the scheduled Start Time. The standard reminder time is twenty minutes; your administrator can change this.     


If there is work that you do regularly, you can enter a recurring task. Enter the task details then click Recurrence.




Select the frequency of the work, for example:

  • Every day
  • Every weekday
  • A specified day of the week, month or year


Time Summary


The Time Summary tab will only be available if your payroll administrator has given you the Time Planner role. Select the Timesheets tab, and then select Time Summary.



The Time Summary shows details of all entered time for an employee and week. Time is shown for each work item and date.  Select the employee you wish to view, or select ALL to view all employees. Select the date you wish to view to show all the time entries for that week.

Click any column heading to sort the information in ascending or descending order.

Click Record Time to add new time entries.

Time entries for the week of the selected date will be shown. Time entries are totalled for each Work item. To see individual employees’ time, click the ► beside the Work title. The number of hours and cost for each employee’s time will be shown. Click on an employee’s line to view the time entry details. To revert back to Work summary view, click ▼.

Double click on an employee name to open the Time History window. Time History shows a detail list of the time entries for the selected employee and work for the week. Unapproved timesheet entries can be edited or removed.



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