Advanced Charge Type Set-up


Client Default Charge Types

As well using charge types to determine how time entered into FlexiTime will be charged, a client may have some default charge types that are always added on to any generated invoices. These can be used to generate fixed price invoices, or to add surcharges or discounts to invoices.

When you edit a client the Charge Types tab allows you to set up the additional charges to be added to each invoice:




When you edit the Default Charge Types, you can set the NarrationDefault Quantity and Default Rate specific to the client. If not entered for the client, these will default from the values on the Charge Type.

These Default Charge Types can be used to generate fixed price invoices for a client. A charge type with a Fixed charge rate type can be set up then added to the Default Charge Types with a Default Quantity of 1 and Default Rate of the fixed charge amount.


Advanced Charge Type Settings

When you edit a charge type there are advanced options hidden until you press the Advanced button, which reveals the following:




Details regarding the effects of the advanced fields can be found by pressing the blue help button in the top right of the Charge Type window.

The following articles give examples of using these advanced features.


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