Creating an Invoice


Select Billing and then select the Invoices tab. 2011-12-07_1601.png


By default only invoices not yet sent are shown. To show invoices that have been marked as sent, select a From Date and optionally a To Date and click Refresh. The sent invoices with invoice dates within this range will be shown in addition to unsent invoices.

Click New Invoice Batch.



Select one or more Clients to be invoiced, or tick Select All to select all clients.   

Select the invoice date range using From Date and To Date.

Select the Invoice Date. This date is printed on the invoice, and used to calculate the Due Date if the Client has Payment Terms set, but is not otherwise used by FlexiTime. It is, however, important information for any external accounts receivable systems.

If the Client has Payment Terms, leave the Due Date blank so FlexiTime will derive the Due Date based on the Invoice Date. If you specify the Due Date, the Payment Terms will be ignored. 

If the Client does not have Payment Terms, enter the Due Date.  

Like the Invoice Date, the Due Date is printed on the invoice, is not otherwise used by FlexiTime, but is important information for any external accounts receivable system. 

Click Run Batch to create draft invoice(s). The batch will be queued to run, this may take a couple of minutes. If you process invoices for more than 10 clients, click the Refresh button (the FlexiTime logo in the top left corner of FlexiTime) to view the new invoices. 

If your company requires Timesheet approval and there is unapproved time for the client and date range, a warning message will be displayed.



In this example, the administrator clicked No then approved the Timesheets for BRIANB before continuing.

FlexiTime flags time entries that have been invoiced to ensure that the same time is not invoiced twice.


Sending an Invoice

Under Actions there are various actions that you can take with an invoice:


Select the invoices and the actions and click OK. 

You are given the option to Print or Email invoices and optionally to include the Time Report with the printed or emailed invoice.

If you are a Xero customer you can also select that you want to post the invoices to Xero.

Marking the invoice as Sent will update invoice totals on Work included in the invoice. It will also stop any further editing of the invoice. Invoices marked as sent will not be shown by default in the list of invoices, unless a date range is selected.

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