Billing Overview


FlexiTime can be used to generate invoices based on your employee timesheets. All employee timesheet entries must include Work, which can be linked to a Client. The amount charged for the work is dependent on the Invoicing settings on the Work item.

If the Work has been created as Applies to All Clients, then the time entries can be associated to a client through a Job. Jobs must be associated to a client. In this case the client on the Job will be invoiced for the time based on the Work invoicing rules.

Only the FlexiTime Administrator or Invoice Manager, as defined on the Employee User Access details, can access the Time Billing functionality.

See this article for information about setting up Invoice Templates and Charge Types for your company. 


The Billing tab will be available only if you are signed up for the Billing plan in Tools -> My Accounts.


Invoicing Summary

  1. The Administrator sets up a Client.
  2. The Administrator, Invoice Manager or Payroll Manager creates Work for the Client and defines how time spent on this work will be charged, and how invoices will be presented to the client. 
  3. Employees enter Timesheets for the Work.
  4. The Invoice Manager creates Invoices for client and date range.
  5. If the Charge Type does not use a Fixed charge rate, FlexiTime finds all Time entries for Work for this Client over this date range. If your company requires Timesheet Approval, only approved Time will be included. FlexiTime uses the Charge Type settings to determine the rate per hour for the recorded time and creates an invoice line.
  6. FlexiTime creates an Invoice for the Client and date range and includes all the invoice lines that were created in earlier steps.
  7. The Invoice Manager can view, edit or delete the Invoice.
  8. The Invoice Manager prints out Invoices and sends these to Clients, or emails them using the options under Actions on the Billing window.
  9. When the Invoicing is complete, the Invoice Manager marks the invoice as Sent. This removes them from the current list of invoices. 
  10. The sent invoices can still be viewed by entering an invoice date range.



FlexiTime is not an accounting system and does not provide Accounts Receivable functionality. It is expected that this is managed external to FlexiTime. We recommend using Xero, and FlexiTime supports exporting invoices directly to this application.

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