The Clients tab is available under the Setup tab only if you have selected the Billing plan in Tools -> My Account.


Select the Setup tab, and then select Clients.





Select New Client to add a new client to FlexiTime.



Enter the Client’s contact information on the Client Details and Shipping Details tabs.

 Optionally,  select the Payment Terms for this client's invoices.


Client Contacts


If required, add  Client Contacts to define the client’s representative(s). 

Select the Setup tab,  then select Clients, then New Client Contact.



Select the client from the drop down list and then enter the details for the client's representative.    

You can assign a Usercode to allow the representative to sign onto FlexiTime so that they can approve timesheets and/or maintain jobs depending on the roles that are applied.    You can either assign a password to the contact,  which they can change later, or leave the password blank and the client will receive an email prompting them to select a password. 



A unique username the client contact will use to login to FlexiTime. This must not match any other client or employee usernames in your FlexiTime account.

Email Login Details

Tick this if you would like the client contact to receive an email with a login link. They will be prompted to create a password when they follow the link.

New Password

Specify a new password on the client contact's behalf, let them know what it is, and they can navigate directly to the login screen. (This is optional, provided you select 'Email Login Details')


Import Clients from Xero


If you use Xero, you can import your clients from Xero into FlexiTime.   You must have Authorised Xero Access on your FlexiTime Company Settings under the Connect tab.  

Select Setup, then Clients.  If your company is connected to Xero,  the Import Xero Customers option will be available.





Click Import Xero Customers.  A warning message will be displayed. 




Click Yes to automatically import your clients from Xero.  Changes to Client records in Xero will update any existing records in FlexiTime for the same client.  Changes made in Client records in FlexiTime will be sent to Xero when Accounts Payable invoices are sent to Xero on finalising an invoice.

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