Labour Cost / Revenue Ratios


FlexiTime Rostering has been discontinued. If you'd like to continue to roster your employees, we recommend upgrading to PayHero and Droppah. Please contact support if you need any further information.
FlexiTime's Shift plan allows you to compare the labour costs from your roster or actual work with revenue forecasts for each day of a week. When you edit Work under Setup > Work, the Productivity tab is where you can enter your forecast revenues for each week day.


Once these have been set up you can view a Labour Cost / Revenue Ratio chart on the Summary tab under Timesheets. To the right of the coverage chart at the foot of the summary there will be a button that allows you to switch between the Coverage chart and the Cost / Revenue Ratios. Note that this option is only available if revenues have been entered against at least one Work item.

Labour Cost / Revenue ratio lines will be shown for each Work and a separate line for the total of All Work. To view the productivity of a single work area revenue forecasts must be entered against that work. If your business does not break down revenue into separate work areas you can enter revenue forecasts against a single work area e.g. Bar. In this case two ratio lines will be shown, one for the Bar ratio and the other for all work, this will show the overall labour cost ratio for the business.




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