Staff Rostering



FlexiTime Rostering has been discontinued. If you'd like to continue to roster your employees, we recommend upgrading to PayHero and Droppah. Please contact support if you need any further information.

If your FlexiTime package includes Rostering you can use FlexiTime to create a staff roster that can be used to manage staff shifts and work assignments.



A roster is the planned time for a week; it is the basis of what staff will be paid. By creating a roster you can easily inform staff of when they are scheduled to work and also speed up creating a pay by using the rostered time as the starting point for time staff worked.

You plan the work schedule for a week by adding time entries or by loading time entries from a previously saved roster template (under the Options panel). 

Once the rostered time has been created you can publish the roster for the week. Publishing the roster lets you email each staff member their rostered shifts for the week, print out the roster by employee and work, and take a snapshot of the roster to track changes from what was planned.

At the end of the week, or each day if needed, you can review the time worked. Time entries are modified to reflect the actual time worked. After making any necessary modifications to time entries the day or week can be approved to set all time to be worked and to be included in employee pay.


Creating a Roster Template

Start by creating the time entries for all staff for a week. Create a time entry for a staff member by clicking the Record Time button on the Time Entry tab.

You can then easily copy this time entry to other days or to other employees by holding the CTRL key and dragging the time entry to a different day or employee. It may be useful to select the Show Employees Without Time option in the Options panel. Modify the copied time entries start and end times by moving the mouse to the beginning or end of the time entry until the cursor changes to a double headed arrow then dragging the start or end time to a new time.

Once you have added all the rostered time for the week open the Options panel on the Time Entry screen and choose Save Roster Template to save this schedule for future use. You can save multiple weekly templates. For example, if you have the 4 week rolling roster you can save a template for each week and load the appropriate weekly template as needed. 




Loading a Roster

For future weeks you can load that template in as a starting point. After loading a roster template into a new week you can then make modifications to the time entries depending on the availability and work preferences of your staff. Depending on the setting under Settings > Timesheets called Template Time Format the loaded roster will create time as rostered or worked. Rostered time entries show as translucent in the Time Viewer.   

Rostered time entries are the planned work time and unless modified or approved won't be included in pays. When modified, the rostered time entry changes to worked time and its colour changes from translucent to solid. Changes to rostered time entries for shifts not yet worked will remain as rostered, changes to rostered time that has passed will change the time entry to show as worked and will be included in employee pay.



Rostered time and Worked time


Publishing a Roster

Publishing a roster allows you to track changes to time entries from what was published. From the Publish Roster window you can also print a schedule of rostered time for one or all employees, or have emails sent to your employees showing their planned shifts. Publishing time entries that show as worked time for future dates will change the worked time to be rostered time.




Time Summary

In the Time Summary screen, you can see a weekly summary of the variance between the Published Roster and Worked time in hours or cost. You can also view the Worked and Rostered time combined, only the time Worked or the remaining Rostered time.




The Time Summary screen lets you view rostered and worked time separately by selecting Show Time From in the Options panel.

  • Rostered and Worked - This shows the week with both time worked and upcoming time rostered. As time is updated from rostered to worked the view changes to represent the current week.
  • Worked - Only shows time worked so far. The remaining days of the week not yet worked will show empty days.
  • Rostered - Only shows the remaining future rostered time. The days of the week that have been worked will show empty or with remaining rostered time that wasn't confirmed as worked.
  • Published - Shows the published roster time set at the beginning of the week. This is the planned roster for the week. The published roster will not change unless the week is republished.
  • Variance to Published - This is the difference between the published time and the time worked or still rostered. Use this view to compare how close to the planned roster the actual time worked was.

The Coverage Chart will show a headcount per hour for the week with different work shown in the colour set for that work.




User Roles

If you have an employee set up with the Time Planner role, they can save and load Roster Templates and Publish Rosters, but only for employees for whom they are the manager or who are in the same department as the manager (see the Employment Details tab when editing an employee). Giving an employee the Administrator role means their rosters will include all employees.

Administrator rosters are visible to Time Planner users. This allows them to compare a roster published by an administrator with their staff's actual time. If the Time Planner publishes their own roster this will be shown instead of the administrator roster. 

If multiple users have the administrator role they each see the same published roster and any modifications to the published roster will be shared between them. Administrator users will not see rosters published by a Time Planner, this is because there may be multiple rosters for a given period.

Time Planners will only be able to load rosters that either they have saved themselves or that an Administrator has saved.  They will not be able to load rosters that were saved by another Time Planner.  

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