Using FlexiTime SHiFT


The FlexiTime Shift photo timeclock app has been discontinued. If you'd like to continue to use a photo timeclock to record when your employees have started and finished work, we recommend upgrading to PayHero. Please contact support if you need any further information.


This article explains how to use the SHiFT app. For information on setting up FlexiTime before using the app visit this article.


Getting Started

FlexiTime SHiFT works on any iPad and most Android tablets (Everis being the exception) with a built in, front-facing camera and can be downloaded from the App Store - click here or just search for 'FlexiTime shift'.

To get started, open the SHiFT app and enter the appropriate user's login details.


When you first login you will be prompted to select a new 4-digit passcode. This passcode will allow you to perform restricted actions such as changing settings and editing time entries from within the SHiFT app.



Accessing the Settings page from the main menu requires the 4-digit admin passcode that was set when you first logged into SHiFT. 

The Settings you can control are:

Change Passcode

Reset the manager passcode for your SHiFT account.

Clear Time History Photos

This will clear all photos from your history. In normal situations you should never need to do this, however if you are running out of space on the tablet, this will allow you to quickly reclaim the space used by photos.

Link Dropbox

This allows you to connect SHiFT to a Dropbox account for storing your photos and viewing them anywhere, any time. If you don't already have one, you will first need to sign up for a Dropbox account.

The free offering from Dropbox is typically large enough to store as much history as you could need, and this can be deleted as frequently as you like from within Dropbox to keep space free. 

Send logs to FlexiTime

If FlexiTime needs more information to investigate issues with your tablet, you can use this option. Please let FlexiTime support know when you have sent this information through.


Using FlexiTime SHiFT


Clocking In

To clock in, simply press the green Clock In button at the top of the main SHiFT screen and select your name from the list displayed. Alternatively, any employees who are rostered to work will show in the Rostered area beneath the Clocked In area for quick access.

They can then take a photo of themselves to clock in. A preview is shown and the employee has the option to retake the photo or use it.


Clocking Out

Employees currently clocked in will be shown in the Clocked In section at the top of the main screen. To clock out, the employee selects themselves in the Clocked In area, presses the red Clock Out button and takes another photo. 

Provided the tablet is connected to the internet, a time entry will be created in FlexiTime. If the tablet loses connection, it will store all clock in and out information until the connection is restored.


Taking a Break

When an employee goes on an unpaid break (e.g. lunch), they can tap on their own image under the Clocked In section and select the yellow Start Break button. When they return, simply tapping the yellow play symbol on their image will restart their shift, logging their unpaid break against the total time clocked in.


Employee Details

Selecting an employee from the Clocked In area shows the employee details screen. The employee's clock in photo, time the employee clocked in, how long they've been clocked in for, time they've spent on unpaid breaks, and options to Start Break or Clock Out are displayed at the top.


Below that are three tabs:


The roster tab shows the employee's upcoming roster for the next 7 days.



Managers can set tasks for employees to complete. Simply tap 'New Task', add a Title and Description, and tap 'Add'. Once complete, the employee simply ticks it off their task list.


Shift Notes

Notes can be added to the FlexiTime time entry that will be generated when the employee clocks out.



To reload the list of employees (to get new employees, updated time entry information, and remove finished employees) simply pull down from the top of the screen.



The History shows an overview of your past time entries. 


Choosing one of these entries allows you to view the details and, if you have the passcode, you can click 'Edit' to make changes to the time entry.

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