Converting from Ace Payroll


FlexiTime has a conversion utility for Ace Payroll. You can use this tool to quickly upload all Ace employee data from your desktop into your FlexiTime company in the cloud.

It is important that you take a another backup of your Ace payroll after you have filed your most recent pay. By default, Ace will back up prior to the pay, so if you do the migration from that data you may miss the most recent pay.

The tool can be downloaded here. This install requires that you have Adobe AIR installed on your computer. If you don't have AIR installed it will install it for you.

Note that this converter needs to be run on Windows - the conversion will not be correct if done on a Mac.

Once installed the tool then has a few simple steps for converting your Ace Payroll employee data to FlexiTime:

  1. Select the folder where the Ace Payroll data files have been installed. Normally this is C:\winpay. Note that you should select the whole folder, not a file or sub-folder.

  2. You will receive the following warning. Ensure you understand it and follow the instructions carefully - the section Annual Leave Balances below has more information. 


  3. Log into your FlexiTime account as an Admin user.

  4. Click Convert. This will send your employee data to FlexiTime.


Before the Conversion

If you don't have a FlexiTime account you should register for a free 30 day trial first.

After selecting the directory that contains your Ace Payroll data files in step 2, FlexiTime will display the employee records in a table. By clicking on one of the employees you will be able to see detailed information about that employee on the right-hand side of the screen. You should check through some of the data before you convert it, including but not limited to:

Annual Leave Balances

FlexiTime records employee annual leave balances in hours. To convert Ace leave balances from days we calculate the average hours per day for each employee:

- For salaried employees, we have used a standard 8 hours per day.

- For non-salaried employees, we have calculated the average using the normal hourly pay rate and the calculated average daily rate.

You must ensure that the calculated hours per day values are correct. If necessary the values for Hours per Day can be adjusted by clicking in the field and modifying the value. After modifying the value for Hours per Day the field Annual Leave Hours will be updated to show the new annual leave due in hours. Once you're happy with those figures for each employee, you can proceed.

Number of Employees

The Ace Conversion Tool can only import a certain amount of data at a time. If your company is particularly large, you may need to import your employees in batches - how many the tool will handle will depend on how much data is on each employee, but is usually around 100 employees per import.

Employees to Import

The first column in the table contains a selection box. By default, we have selected only those employees that don't have a finish date. If you want to select other employees to convert to FlexiTime then click in the selection box beside those employees to include them in the upload.

Duplicate Display Names

FlexiTime uses the display name as a unique identifying field and therefore won't accept any employees with identical display names. If you have any employee lines with the same name, simply adjust the display name slightly in a way that makes sense to you.


After the Conversion

Once your Ace data has been brought into FlexiTime it's always a good idea to check through the Employment, Leave and Default Pay tabs for each employee under Setup > Employees to see if there are any additional details you may want to add in FlexiTime. Some things in particular you may want to add or take note of are:

Employee Deductions

The conversion utility loads information for employees' KiwiSaver rates including setting the employee and employer contribution rates. Student Loan default pay codes are also automatically added to employee records, as are any child support deductions for employees.

Other deductions and allowances that may have been created for employees in Ace, such as a regular deduction to pay back an advance on pay, will need to be set up manually in FlexiTime. Information on setting up various deductions can be found here.

Second Bank Accounts

In FlexiTime your employees' default bank accounts are set based on the bank account specified in Ace Payroll to which the balance of the pay is paid. If other bank accounts have been set up in Ace Payroll for specific amounts you will need to set these up in FlexiTime on the default pay for the employee. For more information about how to create additional bank accounts for employees see the support centre article here.

Annual Leave Conversion

To convert the Ace Payroll data FlexiTime calculates the leave balances for employees using the same rules Ace Payroll uses to calculate leave owing.

FlexiTime recalculates the balance of leave for employees after each pay, this way when the work pattern of an employee changes neither you nor the employee will be out of pocket. FlexiTime records separate balances for the following leave fields:

  • Annual Leave Due as at Last Anniversary
  • Annual Leave Taken (since the last anniversary)
  • Annual Leave Due (current)
  • Annual Leave Accrued in Advance (since the last anniversary)
  • Annual Leave Available

In addition, FlexiTime also records the balance of Gross Earnings for an employee since their last anniversary. This is used if the employment is terminated to calculate the Holiday Pay owing for the current employment year (usually 8%). For more information on how FlexiTime handles Annual Leave and Holiday Pay see the support article here.

To simplify the conversion of data we have not determined the Annual Leave Taken since the employee's last anniversary so for converted Ace Payroll data the total of Annual Leave Due as at Last Anniversary already takes any leave taken since that date into account. 

Important - if in the past you converted to Ace from another system, and you still have employees that were brought across from the previous system, in some situations their converted leave balance from the previous system may not be included in the balances brought into FlexiTime. We recommend checking the annual leave balances for these employees.

Hours per Day and Days per Week

For employees who have unpredictable work patterns, the values for these two fields that have been set on the Employment tab may not be appropriate. If the employee does not have set hours and/or days you should review what has been migrated here.

Pay History

The conversion doesn't currently load up the pay history for the 52 weeks prior to the employee's last pay. Ace Payroll says that a 52 week history isn't required. We disagree; section 21 of the Holidays Act says that you must use the 52 week average if this is higher than the ordinary. As a result, you need to ensure that when an employee takes leave that the rate they are paid is fair, taking into account any higher average earnings in the prior 52 weeks.

In most cases, employee's pay rates increase over time so the ordinary (4 week) average will suffice. However, if you think your employees' average rates are likely to be higher then it can be valuable to import your pay history using our Pay History Import template.

Pay Dates/Tax Periods

In Ace, the pay date is optional. If it hasn't been entered, Ace will use the end date of the pay to determine the tax period rather than the pay date. If you do parallel pay runs in FlexiTime and Ace, please take care that any pays crossing the month boundary are only filed once. For example, if your last pay in Ace ends on 31 March and is paid on April 1 but no pay date was entered, and you enter the same pay in FlexiTime (with a pay date), both the March IRD filing from Ace and the April IRD filing from FlexiTime will include that pay, resulting in a double up. 

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