This article covers features available in our Billing plan. This plan is no longer available - the details below apply only if your account is still using that plan.

This article will get you quickly generating basic client invoices for time entered into FlexiTime. However, this is just scraping the surface of what FlexiTime billing can do. You can also set FlexiTime up to handle surcharges, discounts, fixed charged or expenses, and you can customise the information shown on your invoices and line narrations.

The Billing section of the support centre has more information about setting up and using these more advanced features. 


Billing Setup

Before you can generate invoices for time there are a couple of simple setup tasks. Firstly you need to add Clients. This can be done under Setup > Clients.

The next step is to add some Work that time will be recorded against, under Setup > Work. Some companies may have just one or two Work items that all time for all clients is applied to, while some companies may have one Work item for each client. You can find some examples of which option is best for different types of business in this support article, or if you're not sure which approach will work best you can contact FlexiTime support.

On the Details tab just give the work a Work Title and either choose a Client you have previously created or select Applies to All Clients if applicable. Then go to the Invoicing tab.

The Charge Type determines how time entered against this work will be charged. Some common defaults will have already been set up.




These Charge Types tell FlexiTime where you will be recording the rate at which time will be billed.

  • If you charge out at a set rate per employee then choose By Employee and set the Charge Rate against the Employee (under Setup > Employees on the Employment tab)
  • If each unit of work has a specific rate, choose By Work and set the Charge Rate here, directly below the Charge Type.
  • If you have different rates for various parts of a unit of work you can use By Work Category or By Job.

You're now ready to enter some time against the work under Timesheets.

When you have the hours recorded go to Billing and choose New Invoice Batch. Any time entered in the chosen time period for selected clients will be collated into invoices.


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