Company Settings


Select the Setup tab, and then select Company Settings. Update the company details to accurately represent your organization.


Company Name

The name of your company. This field will be used to display your company name on payslips and invoices generated by FlexiTime. This field is required for ir-extracts to be successfully processed by IRD.

IRD Number

Your company's IRD number. Can be formatted 123456789 or 123-456-789. This field is required for ir-extracts to be successfully processed by IRD.

Contact Name, Phone & Email

The contact details of your primary FlexiTime contact. It's important to keep these fields up to date, as all invoices and contact from the FlexiTime team will be directed to the contact Email Address or Phone Number, and this email address can be used to reset the Admin user's password.

Admin Email

The admin email address will receive any replies to emails sent from FlexiTime on your behalf, and any system generated notifications (for example, Xero errors and bounced email reports).

Billing Address

Your billing address details. These will appear on any invoices you generate in FlexiTime.

ir-File Contact Name,
Phone & Email

The contact details of the person within your company who deals with IRD filing. The Contact Name & Phone fields are required for ir-extracts to be successfully processed by IRD.


If you have a FlexiTime partner you wish to grant access to your FlexiTime account, you can do so by entering their FlexiTime company code here.

Bank Account

The bank account number your payroll payments will be made from. The bank account number you enter will determine the file format your Banking Batch Files are generated in, so it's important that this is correct. This can be formatted as 12-1234-1234567-123 or 12-1234-1234567-12. 

Provincial Anniversary

The provincial anniversary observed by your company. This will allow FlexiTime to automate the public holiday for you if you have also turned on the 'Automate Public Holidays' setting. You can set this to a custom date by selecting 'Different to observed date' and entering the Next Observed Date. If your company operates in multiple provinces, you should leave this field blank and you will need to manually process the public holiday payments for any provincial anniversaries.

Automate Public Holidays

If this field is ticked, FlexiTime will automatically pay employees for public holidays based on their employment settings and whether or not they work on the public holiday. Please see this article for more information on how FlexiTime processes public holidays.

EDF (IR345) Filing Period

This should be set to Monthly unless you are a large employer and have been requested by IRD to file your IR345 twice monthly.


Timesheets Settings

Please refer to this support article.


Pays Settings

Please refer to this support article.


Logo Settings

Logo Files cannot be uploaded using the FlexiTime desktop app. 



Select a file containing your company's logo. This logo will be printed on payslips and invoices produced by FlexiTime.

While it's a good idea to use a good quality image, you should also bear in mind that particularly large image files will increase the size of your payslip and invoice attachments and may cause slow downloads.


Invoice Settings

Please refer to this support article

Note that the invoice tab will only be visible if your subscription includes the Billing package. 


Dropdown Values

Please refer to this support article.


Connect Settings



To integrate your FlexiTime account with Xero, MYOB, or WorkflowMax, IRD please see the following articles:

Xero Integration 

MYOB Integration

WorkflowMax Integration

Payday Filing 

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