Fixing a mistake in a finalised pay


You've just finished the pay and finalised it, but now you've just noticed you entered the wrong pay date. Or an employee who has just received his payslip realises that an overtime payment has been missed. The pay has been finalised - what are your options?

Fortunately, FlexiTime makes it easy to reverse pays out. Just view the pay and use the reverse button against the individual employees. Note that the reverse button will only appear against each employee's most recently created pay. 



This is only available on the latest pay due to the background processing that happens with leave balances and other calculations when a pay is finalised. As a result, if the error was with an earlier pay you need to reverse back pays until you get to the one with the error and then recreate them all again once you're done.

If the error related to the pays for one or more individual employees then you can reverse the pays for those employees and create a new pay that includes only those employees. Create the new pay with the same pay and start dates as the original pay. Remove the tick from Add Employees To Pay - this ensures you get an empty pay. Then add the employee into this pay, make any changes required and finalise this pay. Multiple pays on the same day are combined in the bank downloads and pay reports, so your bank file will now include the employees remaining in the original pay and the employee in the new pay.

If the pay had incorrect dates then you will need to reverse all employees out of the pay. When you reverse out the final employee the whole pay is removed. You can then create a new pay as you would normally.

If the pay is for missed or undocumented leave, instead of reversing the pay you will be able to submit a Leave Request for the days that the employee took as leave. FlexiTime will look back through the Timesheets and account for any unpaid leave requests in the employee's next pay and pay them accordingly. 

There are a few provisos with reversing pays: 

  • Finalising a pay will email out payslips. If you are recreating a pay your employees will get a second payslip sent to them, unless you turn off 'Receive Email' in their Employment settings and turn it back on again after processing the pay. 

  • Finalising also sends pay information to Xero if you have linked your FlexiTime account. Reversing a pay will automatically send a draft credit note to Xero.

  • If the employee has already been paid and the amount is different to what it should have been, any difference will need to be paid to or recouped from the employee manually.

  • When reversing pays that you intend to recreate, it might be advisable to download/print a payslip or pay summary report of the original pays before reversing.

  • If you need to update the employee's time entries,  you may also need to revoke timesheet approval. 


IRD Payday Filing

If you are using Payday Filing,   an updated payday return will automatically be sent to IRD when you reverse a pay.   

The exception is when you are reversing a pay where the pay date is prior to the date that you started Payday Filing. 



No Reverse button? 

If you're not able to reverse a pay,  it means that this is not the most recently created pay for that employee.  You can check this by going to Setup > Employee and edit the employee.  Select the employee's Pay Records tab,  this shows the pays in creation order, most recent first.   Once you've identified the most recent pay,  you can reverse that pay and then you'll be able to reverse the second most recent. 


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