Download Files from Internet Explorer 8


When printing reports from FlexiTime or opening the report centre using Internet Explorer version 8 you may receive a message at the top of the screen -


After selecting Download File the page is refreshed, this causes FlexiTime to reload and requires that you log in again to FlexiTime. After logging in you will be able to download the file, but next time you try you may have the same problem.

This problem only occurs with IE8. If you upgrade your version of IE or use a different browser such as Firefox or Google this problem will not occur.

Another option is to change the security settings in IE8 to enable automatic prompting for downloads. To do this go to Tools > Internet Options. Go to the Security tab, for the Internet zone you can modify the settings by clicking Custom Level, under the Downloads section click Enable under the Automatic prompting for downloads option.

If you would rather not change this setting for all internet sites you can add to your trusted sites zone by clicking on Trusted sites on the Security tab and then clicking the Sites button add to the trusted sites. Then select Custom level for the Trusted sites zone and make the change as described above to the Download option.





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