Transfer time between companies


FlexiTime allows time to be transferred from one FlexiTime account to another. There are a couple of scenarios where this is useful.

If you have a number of FlexiTime companies, each with their own tax numbers and bank accounts, but you sometimes share staff between the companies, this allows you to use the roster functions in each separate entity, but then return the time for the employees back to their home companies. The employees will only receive one pay slip, and their tax calculations will be more accurate as they will not be taxed under a secondary tax code in the other company.

Similarly, you may have distinct branches or offices that you want set up as separate FlexiTime companies for rosters and time sheets, but you want to pay everyone from a single parent company. This allows you to consolidate all the time entries for payroll.

The first thing to do when setting up inter company time transfers is to get the FlexiTime support team to link your accounts together. Contact Support with a list of your company codes, indicating which of the accounts should be considered the 'primary' company. This will have the additional benefit of allowing the administrator of the primary company to access the other companies from that primary account without having to log in to them individually.

Employees who are to have their time transferred need to be set up in both the companies the time is coming from and going to. Make sure you keep the display name and IRD number the same in both companies. The key for inter-company time transfers is that the employee should only have a pay frequency set in the company they will be paid from. In the other companies they should have a pay frequency of Never chosen. The other payroll-related fields for the employee are unimportant in these non-home companies, although putting in an hourly rate can be good for labour cost budgeting in the rosters.

When all time has been entered and you are beginning your payroll, log in to the company that is having the time transferred into it i.e. the company you are wanting to run the payroll for. Then go to Tools > Import and change the Upload Type dropdowns to Time > FlexiTime Transfer, and click the Import button.



Select the date range you would like to import, and FlexiTime will look through the linked companies and bring time through into the list. 



Any time with invalid employee display names, IRD numbers or Work / Work Categories that are not recognised in the current company will be highlighted and need to be corrected before the import can continue. If you hover your mouse over the highlighted line a pop up will let you know what the error is.

It should be possible to set up your companies in such a way that these validation errors are avoided. When all issues are resolved the Submit button becomes available, and pressing this will create the time entries, ready to be included in the pay.

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