Changing pay rates in the middle of a pay period


Sometimes an employee's raise or other change in pay rate may not fall tidily at the beginning of a pay period. In these scenarios, you need to pay some of the employee's time for the period at one rate, and the rest of their time at the other rate. To do this, you will need to show two separate pay lines on their pay.

We recommend using the Second Pay Rate for this. Edit the employee and on the Employment tab, move their old pay rate from the Normal Rate field to the Second Rate, and put their new rate into the Normal Rate.

Then on their pay add the Second Pay Rate pay code. Enter the number of hours to be paid at the old rate against this pay line, and reduce the number of hours on the regular pay line accordingly.


An alternative approach is to set up an additional pay code called something like 'Pay Increase'. It should be gross earnings, but should have Units set to Other (rather than Hours). Add that into the cross-over pay with the Quantity set to the number of hours at the higher rate and the Rate set to the difference between the old and new rates. The new pay rate for the employee is only changed on the employee record after that pay has been processed.

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