FlexiTime for Recruitment Companies


FlexiTime provides a complete solution for back office functions performed by temp agencies and recruitment companies.

  • Staff time sheets
  • Client time sheet approval
  • Automatic email notifications for time sheet approval
  • Payroll processing for candidate assignments
  • Client billing
  • Consultant commission

This article describes how to set up your FlexiTime company to use the features above.

The FlexiTime support team can do most of the configuration. Just contact us, letting us know your company abbreviation and we'll run through the basic set-up for you.

Your FlexiTime account will need to have the Billing Plan enabled to use Job Assignments and Client Billing. Go to Tools > My Account and make sure that the Billing Plan is enabled for your account.

When adding employees, after completing the New Employee wizard, edit the employee. Enter an email address for the employee under the Employee Details tab and select Email Payslips. To give the candidate access to FlexiTime to enter their timesheets and to send an automatic email notification to them with details on how to access FlexiTime, go to the User Access tab and enter a username for the candidate and save the employee record.  By default the employee access will allow the employee to log in and enter their time and view their pay history.  If you do not specify a password for the employee,  FlexiTime will email them with a link to let them set their own password. 



Settings for an employee are different based on the tax status -

  • For self-employed contractors set their tax code to WT with a rate of 0%. When you edit the contractor ensure the Self Employed box is ticked on the Personal Details tab. This will remove the employee from PAYE reporting to IRD. On the Leave tab set their Holiday Pay %. Under the Default pay codes tab remove all pay codes except Direct Credit and add back in GST and/or Indemnity Insurance as required. 
  • For PAYE employees such as temps set the tax code correct based on the declaration provided by the employee. The default pay codes should be Direct Credit and Tax. To pay their 8% holiday pay as they go add Holiday Pay to their default pay.

As well as the temps and contractors, set up your consultants as employees if you wish to record them as job owners for commission purposes.


Go to the Maintain Clients tab and add new clients for your company. After adding the client you can then add Client Contacts as required.  Typically the client contact will approve time via an email - enter their email address and tick Approve From Email. You can also give them a login to FlexiTime. For more information on this see this support centre article.


Work is what links your assignment with timesheets, pays and invoices. Your work has probably been configured by the FlexiTime support team. If so, skip to the Jobs section below.

By default FlexiTime creates two work items for your company - Standard Work and Employee Leave. Standard Work can be closed. Edit the Employee Leave and if you don't want employees being able to select Employee Leave when entering their time turn on the Admin Only option.

Add new work and give it a name to describe the nature of job assignments such as Temp Assignment. Tick the Applies to All Clients box and select Job Based Pay as the default pay code. Tick the Job Mandatory and Requires Assigned Jobs boxes.




These settings will restrict the Jobs and Work an employee can view when entering time to only those jobs they have been assigned. For more information on the effect of these fields see this article.

On the Invoicing tab choose the By Job as the charge type. This setting will create invoices based on time recorded to this work item. The invoice rate will be based on each job assignment charge rate.

You may wish to change the invoices to suit your requirements for invoice descriptions and the invoice line breakdown. See this article for details on how to customise billing.


Finally as new job assignments are created add new jobs on the Jobs screen.

Select the Client and Work created above. Enter the Pay Rate for the candidate and the Charge Rate for the client. Enter a Job Summary that distinctly describes the assignment so that the candidate if assigned multiple jobs can choose the correct one. The summary will also be shown on the invoice for the client so may need to include a reference to the job assignment.

Select the Client Contact to approve the candidates time. Select the Owner of the job if applicable. This will be the consultant to which commission is paid. Some companies set up Job Types for their consultants rather than setting up the consultants as employees. Select the candidate to whom the job is assigned.




That is all the set up needed to provide a full back office system for recruitment companies. At this point your employees will have been notified of their access to FlexiTime and be able to login in and record their time and request client approval or print out a time sheet for manual approval. The client contact will have been notified of their access and be able to log in and approve the candidate's time.

Once time has been entered and approved your admin staff can then quickly and easily create payroll and billing based on that time.

For more information of processing payroll and billing please search the Support Centre for these terms.



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