Converting from MYOB Payroll


We can convert your employee data from MYOB Payroll to make setting up in FlexiTime a breeze. All we need is the latest backup file from MYOB (please ensure they're not password protected, so that we can access the data). Send this through to us at, and let us know the company code of the company that it is to be loaded in to. Please allow 2-3 business days for completion of your conversion.

We will then load the MYOB employee data into FlexiTime along with information on the pay history for each employee. The pay history is used to calculate the average and ordinary pay rates for an employee only and can't be used to reproduce historical pay slips.

All employees are loaded into FlexiTime, including the employees who have finish dates in MYOB. We do this so that you can keep a record of old employees in case they are re-employed later on. FlexiTime only charges for active employees so these employees won't count towards your subscription.

While the migration works extremely well, there are some occasions where the way we interpret your MYOB data might differ from how you were using MYOB. We recommend doing one or two parallel runs in both systems to ensure the FlexiTime set-up is as you expect.


Note: We cannot convert data from MYOB EXO Business or IMS accounts.

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