Formatting Text Fields


Some FlexiTime text fields that are printed in reports allow you to use basic HTML tags in order to apply extra formatting such as new lines, bold, underline, etc. Payslip emails and payslip notes can use these tags.

Some of the simpler tags are:

Bold tag


Italic tag


Font tag


Break tag (to add new line)


List item tag


Paragraph tag


Text format tag


Underline tag


Hyperlink tag


Mailto tag

<a href=""></a>


Although this makes simple comments a little more difficult to add in FlexiTime we think it gives a lot more power to format comments in a lot of ways.

In order to include line breaks use the break tag <br> for example:

Please forward payment to the following bank account.<br>
Account Name: Joe Bloggs<br>
Account Number: <b>12 3456 7891234 00</b>

In this example, the account number will display in bold.

Using the font tag you can change the font size <font size="14">Please forward payment to the following bank account</font>

Note the closing tag </font>; is used to stop the formatting of text in size 14.


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