Limit the Work Available for Time Entry


You can restrict the Work selection that is visible for your employees when they are entering time.

This is can be done on the Work settings by ticking Job Mandatory and Requires Assigned Job. For example, this Work will only show in Time Entry if the employee has a Job assigned to them for this work:



Usually, only the Jobs associated with the selected Work are shown in the Time Entry screen. However, you can set up a Work item so that all Jobs assigned to the employee will be available when an employee enters time against that Work.

This can be useful in the situation where you have work such as Employee Leave that isn't associated with a single client, but you may want to invoice the client for leave taken while the employee is assigned to a job for that client. 

This can be managed if the Work has the following settings:

  • Tick Applies to all Clients
  • Don't select a Client 
  • Tick Job Mandatory
  • Tick Requires Assigned Job



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