Viewing information in a grid


You can change the way information is presented when you are looking at your FlexiTime data in a grid (or table) format.      For example the Setup > Employees,  Setup > Work and Pay History screens can all be sorted.

You can click on a column heading to sort the table lines by this columns' values.    e.g. click on "Last Name" to sort the employees on Setup > Employees into surname order.   Click the column heading again to change the sort order from Ascending to Descending.   

To sort by multiple fields, e.g. Last Name then First Name,  click to sort the first column,  then hold down the CTRL key while you click the other columns to be sorted.

You can rearrange columns by drag-and-drop the column headings.

You can change the column width by positioning the mouse over the right-hand margin of the column until the cursor turns to "||"


Click and hold the mouse button while you drag the column margin to the required width.


These view changes are not permanent.   If you navigate away from the current screen,   the default view will be presented the next time you return to this screen.

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