Remove an Employee


You can't delete an employee in FlexiTime but you can add a finish date to the employee on the Employment tab under Employee Setup. 



This should only be done for employees that need to be removed without receiving a Final Pay.

On the Employee screen employees with a finish date in the past will not be shown. To view finished employees you can tick the Show Finished Employees tick box at the top of the table of employees.


Employees with a Finish Date in the past will not be shown on any of the drop-down lists,  e.g. for Timesheet entry or to add into payroll. We don't remove finished employees, as you may need their information at a later date.

Employees that have finish dates in the past do not count to your FlexiTime subscription fees (or plan limits for older accounts).

If you wish to reinstate an employee, please see this support article

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