How do I pay an employee for working on a Public Holiday?


An employee who works on a public holiday should get paid time and a half, and if the day is an Otherwise Working Day (OWD) accrues Alternative Leave.


Using Timesheets 

FlexiTime provides an Automate Public Holidays tool to help you handle public holidays if you are using Timesheets. Time and a half is paid automatically and the alternate day is accrued if FlexiTime determines the day is an OWD - please see this article for full details on this feature how OWDs are determined.

The pay code used to pay time and a half is determined by the Work on the time entry. If you edit work (Setup > Work) you will see there is a Public Holiday Pay Code. This is what will be used if this work is recorded on a public holiday (typically Time and a half). This public holiday pay code is also available on work categories. If a public holiday pay code is blank, the regular pay code on the category or work will be used.

If you decide not to use FlexiTime's Automate Public Holidays feature, you can explicitly handle public holidays:

Set up a special work category named something like "Working on a Public Holiday". This category should have Time and a half chosen as the pay code and the Accrue Alternate Day flag checked. You may have another similar category without Accrue Alternate Day flag checked if you have employees working for whom the day is not an OWD. Select these work categories on time entries on the public holiday and when you run the pay the time and a half pay rate will be used and the alternate day accrued where appropriate.


Manually Adjusting the Pay

If you don't use timesheets, you will need to manually add the Time and a Half and the Alternative Holidays Accrued pay codes to the pay.


When adding the Alternative Holiday Accrued pay code to an employee pay you will be asked for the number of days to accrue and the number of hours. The number of days is the most important accrual amount, it is a regulatory requirement to keep a record of the number of days of alternative leave accrued for an employee. The number of hours accrued can be used in reporting to provide a dollar value for the accrued alternative leave.

For information on how to pay an employee who does not work on a public holiday,  please see this article. For more information on Alternative Leave, see this article.

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