KiwiSaver Employer Contributions


The KSR code is a system code used specifically for KiwiSaver employer contributions. The code has been created as 3% of the Gross Earnings and Wages. If the employer wants to contribute an amount other than the minimum compulsory 3% of Gross Earnings and Wages there are two ways to do this. 

If the contribution percentage of the gross earnings and wages is higher than the minimum 3% then the default quantity should be increased for the KSR pay code in the employee Default Pay Codes under Setup > Employees. The default quantity is 3,  this can be increased to the required percentage of the employee's gross earnings to be contributed by the employer to the employee's KiwiSaver fund.



If the employer contribution is a fixed amount, it must be greater than 3% of the gross earnings and wages. A fixed amount can be set for the employer contribution by entering the amount in the default rate field for the KSR pay code in the Default Pay tab for the employee, under Setup > Employees. If a non-zero rate is entered in the default pay code then the pay code is not calculated as a percentage of the gross earnings and wages but is based on the rate entered.

Employer Not Required to Make Contributions 

If the employer is not required to make KiwiSaver employer contributions, for example if the employee is under 18 years old or over 65 years old, you will need to change the Default Quantity on the KSR pay code to 0. 

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