Reinstating Employees


When a final pay is processed for an employee their employment finish date is automatically updated on the Employee Details screen. Employees with finish dates are no longer included in pays or in the Select Employee field on the Timesheets screen, they are also no longer counted to the total number of employees for your selected package.

If you wish to re-employ or temporarily reinstate the employee, go to Setup > Employees and tick 'Show Finished Employees' in the top right hand corner.


An employee can be added back after finishing by selecting Reinstate beside the Employment Finish Date on the Employment Detail tab in the Employee




You must then select whether you want to restart the employee,   or reinstate them. 


The Reinstate option should be used if you just want to clear out the employee's Finish Date.  


The Restart option should be used if an employee has been re-hired by your company and is starting a new employment contract. You will need to enter the employee's new start date, which will be used to update their Holiday and Sick Leave Anniversary dates. The employee's leave balances will be reset.

Restarting an employee does not reset their YTD Totals,   so if you are restarting them in a new tax year you should edit their YTD Totals and set all values to zero.   YTD totals are only used if you're including them on the payslips,  they don't affect the employee's pay or leave calculations at all. 

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