New Release - Email Approvals, Payment Terms and other changes


The latest FlexiTime release contains the following changes:

  • Client Approvals via Email - Clients can now approve employee time directly from the email sent to them when the employee requests approval. The email contains details of time or other items requiring approval. A link on the email will approve the time, without requiring the client to log in to FlexiTime. For more information, please see the following article: Client Timesheet Approvals
  • Invoicing customers can now define their own Payment Terms and assign payment terms to each client. The invoice due date will be calculated as per the payment terms. For more information, please see the Payment Terms section in this article: Billing Setup
  • Show Everyone Assigned a Job is a new feature on the Options tab of Time Summary. Rather than just showing employees with time entered, selecting this option will show any employee assigned to a current job. This way you can easily see who hasn't entered time that you are expecting timesheets from.
  • Email Address Validation has been relaxed to allow a broader range of top level domains, and no longer prevents email addresses with spaces at the start/end.
  • Performance of the Work Summary tab under billing has been improved.
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