Getting started with FlexiTime in 5 easy steps


After registering for a FlexiTime account you should receive an email with the details of how to log into your FlexiTime company. Your FlexiTime company is uniquely identified by the company code you chose at registration.

Once you're logged in you can get started with FlexiTime right away, and all information you enter during your 30 Day Free Trial period will be retained when you sign up. 


Step 1: Set up employees

First things first, you'll need to add your employees. There are a number of options available, from imports or data entry to just letting us take care of it for you! 

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Step 2: Record time (Optional)

Using Timesheets is optional, but highly recommended to make the most of FlexiTime's features, automate your payroll process, and keep a record of employee leave. You can enter the hours worked in a way that suits you, view and approve the Timesheets and generate your payroll from the Timesheet entries.

For a quick overview watch this video about FlexiTime Timesheets.


There are many ways to record staff time with FlexiTime:

  • Give your employees log-in access to enter their own hours
  • Get your employees to download FlexiTime Mobile for on-the-go time recording
  • Use our photo timeclock to generate timesheet entries from clock in and clock out times
  • Use the FlexiTime Time & Units Import to import from basic file types
  • We can also import time entries from some other systems. Email us to enquire.

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Step 3: Create a pay


Running a pay in FlexiTime is simple, whether you’re using Timesheets or not. Watch our short video above to see just how easy it can be.

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Step 4: Pay your staff

Once you've finalised your pay, you can download the bank file from FlexiTime and upload it straight to your business banking website to pay your staff.

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Step 5: Pay IRD and file your IR-returns

The final step in the process is to file your PAYE information and pay Inland Revenue. FlexiTime provides automated tax filing using IRD's Payday Filing feature. 

Part of IRD's Making Tax Simpler initiative, payday filing means submitting PAYE information to IRD after each pay rather than once a month. This is done automatically via a direct integration between FlexiTime and IRD, giving you zero touch PAYE compliance.
Payday filing has been made mandatory by the IRD as of 1 April 2019.
To set up payday filing, all you need to do is authorise with IRD from your FlexiTime account.

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Once that's done,   your payroll returns will be automatically sent to IRD each time you finalise a pay.

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To pay your PAYE to IRD, download the Banking Tax Batch from FlexiTime and upload it into your business banking website before the due date, or just using online banking to pay the IR 345 total to IRD. 

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