Change Salaried or Permanent to Part-Time or Casual


If an employee changes from salaried or permanent to part-time or casual employment, there are some changes you can make in FlexiTime to make payday easier and ensure their leave entitlements are accruing correctly. 

In the employee's Default Pay tab under Setup > Employees you will need to remove the Salary pay code or any default hours set on earnings pay codes.  Add the Ordinary Time pay code instead and leave the Default Quantity and Rate set to 0, as the Ordinary Time amount for the employee will be automatically calculated based on hours entered into the Timesheets. Or alternatively, hours can be edited in an open pay if you are adding the employees hours directly into their pay and not using the Timesheets. 



If the employee is receiving Holiday Pay as you Go you will need to also add the Holiday Pay pay code to their Default Pay tab. This will prevent them from accruing any Annual Leave. 



If the employee is meant to accrue leave based on the variable hours that they work rather than set hours per week, you should select Accrue Leave Based On - Hours Worked. Otherwise, if they still have set hours per week simply update their Normal Hours per Week.

This may also require re-calculating the employee's leave history to reflect their new work pattern - learn more here



On the employee's Employment tab you will need to remove the Salary amount and make sure that the Hours per Day, Days per Week, and Normal Rate are correct. If the employee works different hours on specific days of the week you can tick Show Days and enter the hours worked on each day or if they work completely variable hours and days per week you can leave these as 0. 






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